Influencer relationship management IRM for brands and agencies

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Email outreach

invite entire lists of influencers with bulk emails

Send emails to scores of influencers simultaneously in just a few clicks. 

Track your emails open rates, how many influencers accepted, rejected or negotiating.

Gmail Integration

Integrate with your Gmail and use our builtin outreach tool

`SMTP Integration

Connect any email via SMTP to email influencers

CSV Export

Export influencers contact details in bulk in CSV for direct outreach

Social Monitoring

Track Mentions From Any Tiktok Or Instagram Influencer, Automatically

Over 80% of all content is created with IG Stories. But they expire in 24h

Track and store influencers mentions of your brand on Tiktok or Instagram stories & posts

Export Data

Export all the search results in CSV or json

Don’t want to email influencers using the built in tool?

Whether it’s one influencer or hundreds, you can find (and export) all available email addresses in just a couple of clicks, ready for outreach.

If there’s an email address publicly available, Btrendy will find it.

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