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Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube

Technology that collects data from every public profile with more than 1000 followers, 2 times a week.

Collecting profile description, contact details, bio, posts, posts description, videos, reels, engagment and more.

Note: Private accounts are excluded  and creators can opt out at any time by contacting us at


Big data, Machine learning, AI, NLP and computer vision

At Btrendy We leverage Azure Cognitive Services and other cutting-edge algorithms also used by social media giants Facebook and Google.

we apply a machine learning based approach to identify gender, age and country of followers, using publicly available profile data such as the profile picture, the summary provided by the user and publicly available posts.

Advanced tech does the heavy complex math stuff so you can vet & verify influencers & creators quickly

Voila! a database with 300M Influencers across Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube

Why Btrendy?

You’ll get influencers search, analytics, CRM and ROI Tracking


More Influencers

Get more options with the biggest influencers database on the planet and leverage the power of 300M micro influencers


Better Data

95% accurate influencer analytics, daily updated database to bring you the most accurate publicly available data 

2 Sides


Not just influencers database, it’s a 2 sides platform for Influencers & advertisers to collaborate.

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