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Reveal Influencers Among Your followers And Customers​

Who can be a more authentic and natural influencer than your own followers?

Reveal all influencers that are already follow your Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube

Discover influencers among your email list

Find creators from 300 Million Influencers database

Search & filter every creator on Earth for Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. Find the perfect influencers for your brand.


View influencers’ statistics with full transparency

Get a best-in-class analytical report of any Instagram, YouTube, TikTok account

Check fake followers and reveal influencer audience data such as age groups, gender, country of origin or interests.

Reveal audience demographics like countries, language, gender and more

Organize & manage easily

Create flexible boards to manage all your collaboration

Export entire influencers lists & Automate outreach

Contact entire lists of influencers in just a few clicks with bulk emails and merge field personalization.

Keep track of how many influencers have been invited to collaborate, which ones replied yes, and where your price negotiations stand.

Track Mentions From Any Influencer, Automatically

Great for 
Ecom Brands

Manage multiple brands with ease. Create sub-accounts,  each account can be for a different brand. It will host it’s own lists, team members, emails, etc. 

Invite clients and team members. Share access with up to 10 users per account. View lists, email copies, Assign different roles

Recruit hundreds of micro influencers and affiliates to grow your brand

Influencer marketing for every country in every niche. Hook up your team with more choices, better data, and the automation they need to work faster and smarter!

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You’ll get influencers search, analytics, CRM and Social Tracking

Why Btrendy?


More Influencers

Get more options with the biggest influencers database on the planet and leverage the power of 300M micro influencers


Better Data

95% accurate influencer analytics, daily updated database to bring you the most accurate publicly available data 



One time payment for a lifetime access to all the tools you normally pay monthly subscription for to scale your influencer marketing program

Lifetime Subscription

14 days money back guarantee

$ 799
  • No monthly fees
  • For a $799 one time fee, you get lifetime access subscription normally costs $7000 annually

  • 500 credits every month
  • 1 credit equals:

    • 1 search (showing 12 influencers results)
    • 1 influencer export including contact details
  • 300M influencers database
  • access to over 95M influencers on instagram, 75M on Tiktok, and more than 70M on youtube

  • Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube
  • social networks in which you can find and recruit influencers

  • Export influencers data
  • download your search results in json or CSV format

  • Influencer relationship Management
  • influencer relationships management tool (IRM) lets you keep your influencer database centralized. Save contact details, personalized notes, and facilitate your day-to-day management of influencers

  • Bulk Email outreach
  • connect your own email account and send bulk email to influencers

  • Discovery Tool
  • Discovery is the powerful search engine that allows you to search for influencers by over 20 filters such as audience age, gender, location, interests, etc.

  • Influential followers
  • That tool that allows you to reveal influencers among any instagram page followers or uploaded email list

  • Analyzer Tool
  • Analyze any influencer in the world. Get insights into audience demographics, brand affinity, fake followers, performance metrics, and much more. 

  • Story & Posts tracking
  • Automatically track and store stories and posts mentioning your brand on Tiktok or Instagram

  • 5 Team members & Sub-accounts
    • Team members access
    • Invite team members and clients to your account, control thier access and what they can see or do
    • Sub-Accounts
    • Create different brands under your ma in account, each subaccount has it's own team

Frequently Asked Questions

Btrendy is an influencer marketing platform with 300M influencers across instagram, tiktok and Youtube. i's packed with a suite of tools to help you find and recruit hundreds of influencers.

1 credit equals to:

  • 1 search that shows 12 influencers results
  • Exporting an influencer data including email and audience demographics

You lifetime subscription offer 500 credits per month, automatically renewal included.

Connect your own email like to Btrendy and use that email in your bulk outreach. Btrendy integrates with Gmail or any email SMTP

Yes, you can export upto 500 influencers's data every month in Json or SMTP

Btrendy lists every influencer on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with over 1K followers.

With that criteria, you’ll find what’s relevant to you including, but not limited to:

- Creators in any location by city or country.
- Creators in any niche or category
- Creators of any size

For influencer marketing to be successful though, you want to ask: Will I find creators who reach my target audience? To that, we say: Yes, it’s the Btrendy way! Instead of focusing on your niche, put more focus on the influencer audience.

Yes. we aim to give you a deep understanding of an influencer profile, including their audience.

Here are just some of the metrics available in Btrendy:
- Audience demographics (Age, Gender, Location by city, interests)
- Influencer performance (Follower count, Average likes, Engagement rate, Past Paid Post Performance)
- Vetting (Popular posts, fake followers)

0 additional or hidden fees. With your lifetime subscription, you will have full access to the platform for life. We don't charge commission or any sort of fees