Track mentions from any Tiktok or Instagram influencer, automatically

No more logging in on a Sunday to catch stories before they expire. Finally.

Over 80% of all content is created with IG Stories. But they expire in 24h

Create a tracking campaign and automatically track & store when any of your customers / influencers @mention your brand in their Instagram stories 

Influencer seeding & gifting campaigns

Gifting products in exchange for content can be tough to manage.

Automatically track who posted what when, all in one place. Maintain the carefree “no-strings-attached” vibe, but know whether you’re getting ROI.

Reach out to influencers in Bulk

Whether it’s one influencer or hundreds, you can find (and export) all available email addresses in just a couple of clicks, ready for outreach.

If there’s an email address publicly available, Btrendy will find it.

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