The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Platform

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Scale Your Marketing Like Crazy

Take the Step Towards
Unrivaled Success

For Ecom Brands

Reach new audiences and drive sales by leveraging our influencer network. Enhance authenticity with user-generated content. Keep tabs on influencer mentions and performance metrics effortlessly.

For Marketers & Agencies

Centralize influencer management, streamline campaigns with automated emails and analytics, and create collaborative workspaces. Invite team members and assign roles for smooth coordination.

For Coaches & educators

Want to get more credibility?
Promote your programs and course through trusted academic or lifestyle influencers, attracting new students

Supercharge Your Brand’s Reach Like Never Before

Unmatched Influencer Discovery

Reveal Your Competitors’ Influencers: Unveil the influencers driving your competitors’ success

Effortless Lookalike Search: find influencers similar to your favorites.

AI-Driven Search: Go beyond hashtag search, our AI finds you influencers based on what they talk about.

Uncover Customer Gems: Identify potential influencers among your email list subscribers and customers

Leverage Your Audience: Access influencers already following your Instagram and TikTok accounts

find influencers

View Influencers’ Statistics​​

Filter Creators and their audience by demographics like age, gender, language, country, state or even city.

Influencer campaign

Campaign Management

Shortlist influencers, share notes, export your lists, and attach relevant docs

Seperate workspaces

Manage multiple brands with seperate workspaces, each with it's own lists, team members, emails, etc. 

Team Access

Invite clients and team members. View lists, email copies, Assign different roles

Track Mentions From Any Influencer​

Automatically collect any story or post mentions your brand

Contact 100s of influencers

Contact entire lists of influencers in just a few clicks with bulk emails and merge field personalization.

Success Beyond Limits:
Real-Life Impact

200+ Brands & Agencies 💙 Btrendy

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  • Influencers Search
  • Influencer Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Influencers email outreach
  • Posts & stories Tracking